How to Effectively And Smartly Use a Paring Knife?

Though there can be a large number of smart and effective ways of using Damascus Knives but do you have an idea as to how to use paring knives, we will tell you. This paring knife is a kind of small utility knife which is used for peeling fruits, chopping fruits as well as for peeling and chopping vegetables. This is an extremely versatile knife which you can make use of it in variety and an extensive number of ways. We can say that this is a frequently utilized knife in any one’s kitchen. Buying such a knife will always be a great first investment from your side.

Same way, we will sooner discuss the smartest and effective uses which are delivered by other Damascus Custom Knives so stay with us.

Slicing Fruits and Vegetables

  • A paring knife can easily and mess-free slice through all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Even if you want to cut and slice tougher one vegetables like that of sweet potatoes, this knife is used.
  • For slicing, first, you have to place round fruit on the cutting board. The two ends of that fruit should be placed horizontally exactly to the board.
  • Now hold the paring knife exactly against the fruit near and closest one end. Start pushing it straight down as soon as you are going to slide the knife blade. Now you can start to turn the fruit around. Repeat this same process right on the other end.

Peeling Thin Skin Fruits And Vegetables

  • Those fruits and vegetables which have thin skins, then their peeling job is done by this knife. Such knives can quickly peel back foods which have thin skins. This mainly includes apples and potatoes. It is their sharp edges which makes this job quickly for you.
  • To perform this peeling job, you need to hold the food in a vertical position. Place your index finger right on the top edge and your thumb should be on the bottom. It is in your dominant hand that you should hold the paring knife.
  • Start to position the edge section of the knife at the top part of the food as well as below your index finger.
  • Now you can start peeling the food slightly and the food skin will slip beneath from the knife. Make sure that you peel the skin in a downward position and towards your thumb.

Peeling Thick Skins Fruits and Vegetables

  • This same knife can be used to peel off thick-skinned fruits which generally includes the citrus fruits. What you need to do is to hold the fruit. By using your dominant hand, hold the paring knife handle.
  • It is against the blade side that you need to rest down your thumb. Now start to make a small incision or a peeling mark into the fruit skin.
  • Peel off the skin in a rotating direction and you have to keep on rotating the knife sideways gradually and slightly.

More multiple uses of paring knives will be shared and updated on this web page.